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No need to wonder, find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Prisume

Logo Please don´t hesitate contacting us for more

Please contact Despec who will create your Prisume account and send you the login details. From there you will have access to the online portal where you can start adding clients and the automated supplies ordering.

The login is by default unless you are already using a 3manager account with the Prisume integration enabled.
Then the login URL will be the one you have received from your 3manager provider. You can always also login at the top right of this page!

Microsoft Windows based computer (XP SP3 or newer / 2003 Server or newer) Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or newer.

Linux x64
The data collector works with common Linux distros (such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and more), 64bit only.

Linux ARM
For Raspbian OS used on Raspberry Pi (RPI).

Mac OSX 10.15.3 or newer, 64bit only.

Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 or newer.

The data collector requires a minimum of 10GB free hard disk drive and 4GB RAM with Internet access. It is not recommended to install
the data collector on laptops as it may scan other networks. If a computer is not available for installation, we recommend using a Raspberry
Pi 3 model B or newer with a minimum of 16GB SD card.

If proxy is used, user and password is needed to access the 3manager server. HTTP 1.1 compliant proxy server, domain proxy and PAC file
compiled proxy is supported.

SNMP enabled (minimum V1-2). SNMP v3 is supported. Minimum lengths of passwords is 8 characters when configuring the SNMP V3
on the printers.

161/162 (SNMP) and 443/80 (Internet)

The data collector is an SNMP (Simple Network Mangement Protocol) based software. This means that it is using port 161/162 for internal communication with the printers. When sending the data it is using port 443 (SSL) in an encrypted form to the Prisume portal. It is possible
to use port 80 if 443 is not possible, but we do not recommend this because of the missing encryption.

Yes, this can be downloaded at (at the bottom of the screen).

Go to the device(s) by using the "Dashboard-Equipment" option. Scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard until you see a list of devices.
Here you can click on the ones you want to remove and when done click the "Unmonitor" button and the devices will be removed from the
You can also navigate to the device´s detailed page and use the "Stop monitoring" option with the upper right "Action" button.

If you would need to re-monitor the device you can find it under account settings - Device monitoring, and it will be listed at the right side of
the screen. 
Click "Monitor" to get it back. If the data collector is reporting, it will auto-update with the next update.

Prisume covers all print brands on the market.

Supplies ordering can have various settings, but by default supplies will be ordered if they have less than 20% OR 20 days left. Orders are done
daily and you have the option to include bulk orders so you reduce logistic costs. 
However these settings are configurable, so you would need
to go to your own level in Prisume and check your Supplies ordering settings.

  • Go to your vendor level (where you are also added as a team member)
  • Click the 3 dots to access the feature menu
  • Click "Reports"
  • Click "Supplies Ordering"
  • Click the report of interest. Here you will see the settings and you can change them if needed.

In the case where an article is not on stock, you will be contacted by Despec with a status or alternatives.

You can see this in multiple places in Prisume, in the;

  • supplies dashboard in the bottom section by clicking the "Order" tab
  • device journal on the supplies indicator widget
  • QR scan option

Yes, in the supplies dashboard in the bottom section you will find an overview of all orders.

Depending on your configuration it might be different. By default a device will be added to a supplies ordering list when marked as "Managed". This means that when you have onboarded your client, made sure all addresses are added, departments etc, then the last thing is marking the devices as managed which you deliver toner to. When marked as managed they automatically get mapped to the supplies ordering report.