PRISUME ensures that your printers never run dry

PRISUME lets your printers tell you when they need more ink or toner, before they run out, and ensures automatic delivery through your normal or preferred dealer.

PRISUME works like this

PRISUME is an online, cloudbased networked service that helps you order your ink and toner - before you run dry - at your agreed prices with your local dealer.


Your printers are monitored by PRISUME, so when the level of ink or toner in your printers reach a set threshold an automatic order is sent through the cloudbased PRISUME service - with instructions to deliver to your printers location - anywhere in the Nordic region.

Dealer only

Your normal dealer will still be your primary contact for printerservice, hardware renewal, adjustments of your print solution and printer fleet and invoicing PRISUME ordered ink and toners - at your agreed, normal price points.


When your printer sends an order the distributor will automatically send your new ink cartridge or toner, and will simultaneously advise your dealer about the order/shipment.

PRISUME works with all types of printers

Most modern printers in a network can be linked to PRISUME. If your printer is connected to a network through WiFi or cabling the printer will in all likelyhood be compliant for monitoring.

All major brands manufactures printers that can be monitored in a network, but if a specific printer for some reason cannot be monitored you can find a solution with your dealer. PRISUME supports 98% of printers in the current market.

PRISUME minimises administrative overhead

With PRISUME you can avoid time spent on finding compatible ink cartridges and toners, searching for price and stock, administering actual ordering and as an added bonus minimising binding your working capital on a local 'mini'-stock of ink & toners - with the inherent risk of date-expiry and admin of un-current ink and toners whenever you renew your hardware.

PRISUME is for all types and sizes of businesses

PRISUME is cloudbased and fully scalable. It makes no difference for PRISUME if you have 1 or thousands of printers,- PRISUME still monitors and guaranties delivery on all supported printers. And because there is no cost for the monitoring of devices everyone can afford to join - from owner/operator business to large Nordic business with multiple cross-border locations. The only pre-requisite is that we can ship your ink or toner to a business address.

Your printer will tell you what it needs

You printer will tell you exactly what it needs - eliminating your worries and effort in finding the correct toner or ink cartridge that fits your printer. PRISUME will know what's already working in your printer - also for long-life supplies such as drums and fusers.

You will get your ink and toners from the dealer you already do business with

When you install PRISUME you will be prompted to choose a dealer to supply your consumables. You can agree on prices as you have done previously, and while the service is designed to be free of charge for the printer owner, the dealer will pay a small fee on each orderline sent through the system.

If your normal dealer is not linked to PRISUME it is a simple matter to do so. Just ask your dealer to contact us at

Track your deliveries through the PRISUME portal

Via the PRISUME-portal you can track your printers, their status and the orders they have initiated in the system. There is a direct link to track and trace your shipments, so that you can follow the status of any new toners or ink cartridges on their way.

PRISUME guaranties delivery - before the printer runs dry

Because PRISUME rests on the backbone of the Nordic regions largest distribution specialist there is a delivery guarantee for supported and monitored printers. Your printer needs to be turned on, connected to an active, online network, - and if these requisites are met PRISUME guarantees delivery - before you run dry.

PRISUME only delivers original ink and toners

Your printers works best, and is usually only under manufacturer warranty when you use original consumables. PRISUME only sends original ink and toner to your printers, which maximises your hardware lifecycle, optimises print quality and total cost of ownership.

PRISUME is a 100 % automated cloud service offering

PRISUME is a safe platform. Cloudhosting ensures against downtime and your data is safe via advanced encryption and secure backups in an ISO 270001 certified hosting center.

PRISUME has sufficient up-time to ensure and guarantee delivery - as long as your printers and network are online.

Get started with PRISUME - easily and quickly - just contact your dealer or send your enquiry to

This is how PRISUME works – technically

PRISUME is installed as a PRISUME Data Collector Agent that you or your IT supplier or dealer installs on your network.

The agent will then ask your printer for a status every 120 minutes. These status messages are collated and sent to the PRISUME server which in turn calculates pages printed, consumable spend, expected spend, ordering thresholds and then dispatches orders for consumables based on set threshold values.

Following this, your dealer (their distributor) will send the ordered items to the address registered for your printer and will be invoiced as if the purchase had occurred in a normal webshop commerce transaction.

Short process overview:

  1. Install a PRISUME Datacollector Agent in your network.
  2. Discovery Fase – finds all online printers in your network.
  3. DataCollect Fase – receives MIB (Management Information Base) data from the printer(s).
  4. Data Transmit Fase – Data is sent from PRISUME Datacollector Agent to the PRISUME Server (cloudbased)

The pre-requisites for this automatically is only that the PRISUME Data Collector Agent is installed on a PC or server that is online, turned on, and has the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework SP1 installed.

The primary PRISUME Data Collector functions

When a printer is found on the network it will be matched to a specific MIB and via SNMP inquired for specific information related to type and model.

The software will then contact the PRISUME server for:

Authentication: login verification/authenticatione

  • List of sub-networks
  • List of MIBs 
  • Scanning intervals


PRISUME uses HTTP port 80 for communication between the PRISUME Data Collector Agent and PRISUME Server. It's comparable to surfing the net on a standard internet browser on standard PC.

All data is compressed and encrypted on HTTPS port 443. The PRISUME Data Collector uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework SP1 (if not already installed on the server or PC it will take up ~500MB)

SNMP version 1.0 is activated on network and on devices. Password „Public“ is used as standard. The PRISUME Data Collector Agent uses only a few resources on the computer its installed on and it can run on any hardware that complies with Microsoft .Net requirements.

Data Transfer

PRISUME ensures your data safety and security, both on the server and in the data transfers on the network (when PRISUME collects Management Information Base (MIB) / Object Identifier Description (OID) data from printers on the network). In addition this is done using very little network resources.

Printjobs can not be reproduced or copied based on transmitted data as only metadata and status data is transferred. This ensures confidentiality and as an extra layer of security all data is encrypted and compressed before its transferred from the local network to the PRISUME servers.

The size of the datatransmission (a HTTP request) is usually less than 100 Kb. The default data transfer interval is set to every 120 minutes.

Location (IP)

The PRISUME Data Collector Agent scans all defined sub-networks and identifies all print-devices (printers, MFPs, Faxmachines, copiers etc). The network scan is configurable and and can scan a single IP address, specified ranges or full networks. The PRISUME Data Collector Agent is a READ ONLY service (via SNMP) and can't as such update or make changes to devices on the network.

The PRISUME Data Collector Agent collects data in 2 fases from the networked devices; Discover & Collect. Both fases use SNMP to look for specific OIDs. From the server it is possible to set the interval for each fase.

Discover fase

In the Discover fase all specified IP-adresses are searched via SNMP to identify if the IP address is used by a printer or MFP (a print device). As soon as all devices have responded to the SNMP request a unique dataset OIDs identifies the device. The OID data is saved in the database and the device is now ready for the Collect fase.

Collect fase

Data collected in this fase varies by the specific device. Very little data is collected on smaller devices, like Mono printers, but the more advanced devices usually also have more data to collect.

For MultiFunctionPrinters (MFPs) and larger printers the dataset can be quite rich but still varies by Brand, Manufacturing year, model etc. Not all data is collected each time a Collect Fase is triggered. Some data is collected every time, while some data is only collected once.

As a standard setting, PRISUME collects the IP-adress, MAC and Host-name for each scanned device. This is to ensure precise ID and placement of each device.

When a printer is found it will be matched to a specific MIB, and via SNMP it will be asked for specific data related to its type and model.

About Prisume

Prisume has been developed as a tool for business customers to monitor and ensure delivery of original ink and toner via a select network of dealers. Dealers can register for free by writing to If you, as a business user/printer owner would like to use Prisume we recommend that you in the first instance contact your normal dealer.

PRISUME has been developed by Despec Denmark A/S and EuroForm A/S. Despec is the Nordic regions primary distributor of IT-consumables, printers and office articles. Despec operates in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland, and have more than 20 years of experience with effective and fast logistical services. EuroForm A/S is an independant software development company based in Denmark. They focus on developing Managed Print Solutions. EuroForm's primary product is  the JetAdvice© solution which is globally recognised and credited. The solution supports 98% of the printers in the market today.